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10 Terrible Episodes Of Good TV Shows

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 21 Sep 2017 06:14 AM / No Comments / 44 views

No matter how great a series is, there is no denying that not every episode can be incredible. When a successful show goes on for many seasons it gets harder and harder for writers to fill out every season with amazing stories which inevitably leads to “filler episodes.” Although this is common, there have been quite a few episodes that fans weren’t able to just move on from, because they were that bad. While these episodes in no way ruined the show, they simply disappointed fans with just how poorly they fit and have now stuck out as some of the worst episodes ever! Here are 10 of the worst episodes from some of TV’s most popular series of recent years:

10. The One In Barbados – Friends

After nine seasons and so many iconic moments and truly hilarious scenes, it was understandable that not every Friends episode could be an instant classic. While there are a few Friends episodes that fans probably don’t re-watch as much, one of the most hated of all was the two-part season nine episodes dubbed “The One in Barbados.” The whole group heads to Ross’s conference in Barbados in hopes of turning it into a vacation, but instead relationships fall apart, and almost all the humor focuses on Monica’s hair. With most of the jokes falling flat, what made these episodes stand out as the worst of Friends was it began the cringe-worthy fling between Joey and Rachel. The lack of chemistry between the two characters made their kiss hard to watch, not to mention it was very unbelievable the two would hook up, and did not fit in with their characters that had been built up and fans had gotten to know over nine seasons.


9. She – Angel

Angel is one of those rare spin-off series that ended up being just as popular and successful as its original. While this means Angel had a lot of fantastic episodes, there is one that fans automatically think of when asked what the worst episode of the show’s five season run would be. Season one’s thirteenth episode “She” did not fit into the Angel story and noticeably stands out for being so awkward and even confusing for fans who had come to expect a lot more from the show in the first 12 episodes. While Angel’s dance scene in the episode has become infamous, it is for all the wrong reasons because it was just so awkward. In terms of the entire series, however, the error of an episode was easy to overlook for fans moving into the following seasons.

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