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13 TV Stars Who Wanted One Role But Were Cast In Another

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The auditioning process can be stressful and frustrating for any actor and sometimes auditions don’t go as planned. When given a script, many actors and actresses are asked to audition for a specific role or connect with one that they are determined to get, but often times producers and creators have other ideas! While all of these popular TV stars definitely ended up getting a role in the show they were auditioning for, it certainly wasn’t the part they had in mind. Here are 13 TV stars who wanted one role but were cast in another:

13. Bethany Joy Lenz and James Lafferty- One Tree Hill

It is hard to imagine any of the One Tree Hill stars in any other role on the show because they played their parts so perfectly, but in the beginning Bethany Joy Lenz wasn’t just up for Haley. When she was brought in for the show, she was actually asked to audition for Brooke Davis and Haley James. Because she wanted the role of Haley more, the actress later admitted that she purposely didn’t put as much effort into her audition for Brooke to make producers see she would make a better Haley. As for casting the Scott brothers, Mark Schwahn immediately had Chad Michael Murray in mind, but not for Lucas. After seeing Murray as the “bad boy” in Gilmore Girls Schwahn thought Murray would make a great Nathan, but it was the actor who connected with Lucas more and proved it was the better role for him. James Lafferty later admitted that he actually first auditioned for Lucas before nabbing the role of Nathan. “I read the script while I was still in high school, and originally auditioned for the character of Lucas. But they had already chosen Chad Michael Murray.”

Source: CW

12. Ed Westwick – Gossip Girl

For six seasons Ed Westwick stole the show on Gossip Girl with his amazing portrayal of bad boy turned good guy Chuck Bass. While we can’t imagine anyone else in the role, it turns out that Chuck Bass wasn’t the character he was aiming for when he auditioned for the show. After reading the script, Westwick read for the role of Nate Archibald on tape, but things changed for the creators when he auditioned in person. “Ed Westwick came in and blew us away. He originally read for Nate, but Stephanie and I looked at each other and wrote, ‘Chuck?’ on a piece of paper. Once we cast him, he had to figure out his green card. We got several calls that he actually wasn’t going to get it in time,” co-creator Josh Schwartz said of finding their perfect Chuck Bass.

Giovanni Rufino / © The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

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