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8 Popular TV Stars Who Played Their Own Doppelganger

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 17:21 PM / No Comments / 48 views

A lot of TV stars don’t get enough credit for the dedication they put into their series. Taking on one important role for a series is a big commitment, but branching out and playing another character for a few episodes is a different feat to accomplish, and becomes a true testament to their acting skills when their two characters are supposed to interact. Many actors are asked for their character to take on different qualities because of possession or another supernatural happening, but only a few mastered playing their regular character as well as a clone, twin or doppelganger! Here are 8 popular TV stars who were amazing at playing their own doppelganger:

8. Yael Grobglas – Jane the Virgin

Like many film and series before, Jane the Virgin tackled the fan favorite theme of an evil twin or doppelganger shocking everyone by making their presence known. After playing Petra for quite some time on the show, actress Yael Grobglas was told she would also be taking on the role of Petra’s not-so-nice twin sister Anezka in season two as well. “It’s really a dream come true because who gets to play two different characters in the same show? It’s a chance to do something so completely different and show different things that I enjoy doing that maybe wouldn’t come out as Petra,” Grobglas told The Hollywood Reporter. “There was a lot of physical comedy, which I love, so for me, it’s been an absolute blast.”

Source: CW

7. Paul Wesley – The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley is just one of many actors from The Vampire Diaries to take on an additional role opposite his starring character during the eight seasons of the show. Along with his beloved role as Stefan Salvatore, Wesley took on the roles of Silas and Tom Avery, with Silas’ being Stefan’s biggest adversary in season five of the show. For around eight episodes, the actor took on the challenge of playing not only his own character but his doppelganger as well, and was excited to do so. After playing the kind-hearted Stefan for so long, Wesley was excited to get some “distance” from the character and take on the more arrogant and cocky Silas.

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