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9 Celebrities With Strange Addictions

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 25 Oct 2015 00:20 AM / No Comments / 47 views

It seems we all have a little something that qualifies as an addiction or obsession. Celebrities are no different, and like the regular folks who pay for their celebrity services, some people have some really strange afflictions and pleasures. We won’t dally with things on this list like drug and alcohol addictions–that’s so cliche. We’re gonna dive right into the sea of strange and dig up some addictions from well known celebs. Some you may have heard about, others you definitely haven’t!

9. Donald Trump

Donald Trump seems addicted to a lot of things, bad hair being one of them. Aside from plucking that low hanging fruit, there are other things. Things that would make you think, “This guy should never be president!” if you weren’t already of that mindset. Donald Trump is a bit of a germaphobe, and he is not a fan of shaking hands with a bunch of strangers, especially if they might be a little… germy. Donald is obsessed with carrying, and addicted to using hand sanitizer. It’s reported that all of his assistants keep it on them, and it’s everywhere in his business world from transportation modalities to suit pockets. Now, let’s imagine The Donald as Commander in Chief, shaking hands at an appearance, and his likely refusal to shake hands, or hold babies who might have gone boo boo in their diapers. Ain’t happenin’.

Photo by REX Shutterstock

Photo by REX Shutterstock

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