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Cast Of Reba: Where Are They Now?

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 24 Sep 2017 12:31 PM / No Comments / 64 views

Reba was without a doubt one of the most underappreciated sitcoms of the 2000s when it first started, but it quickly gained a loyal audience, and continues to gain more fans thanks to reruns. From 2001 to 2007 Reba brought the laughs on The CW as Reba McEntire proved she is just as talented at acting as she is at singing with her very own sitcom. McEntire starred as Reba Hart, a witty single mother who has to deal with life after her husband left her for his dental hygienist, but still remains very much a part of her life as they co-parent their three children. While Reba was amazing, the rest of the cast was just as phenomenal, making for a truly great show. Now that it has been over a decade since Reba came to an end, find out where the talented cast is now:

7. Mitch Holleman

Mitch Holleman was only six years old when he landed the role of Jake Hart, the youngest child on Reba. After Reba came to an end in 2007, a then 13-year-old Holleman retreated from the spotlight. In 2009 he had an uncredited role in The Hangover and the next year appeared in one episode of Shake It Up! From 2010-2015 Holleman went on a hiatus from acting during which time he was a guitarist in the band Mumble & Ghost and is now focusing on his career as a stand-up comedian. In 2016 he appeared in the film Bus Driver and has appeared in two episodes of Astrid Clover in 2016 and 2017.

Andrew Eccles / © WB / Courtesy Everett Collection/Hollywood

6. Melissa Peterman

Melissa Peterman was without a doubt the hidden gem of Reba as Barbara Jean Booker Hart. While she was the “other woman” it was impossible not to like her as she basically forced Reba into friendship. After the series came to an end Peterman stepped back from acting for two years, and while she still took on small roles, she focused on her comedy instead and hosted Comedy Stage for CMT which only lasted eight episodes. In 2009 she returned to TV with a small role in Surviving Suburbia and after many more roles, she is now best known as Bonnie Wheeler in the hit Freeform series Baby Daddy where her classic comedic timing is still on display.

James Atoa/Everett Collection/Brian To/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

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