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Charmed: 12 Most Popular Couples Ranked From Worst To Best

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There was a lot to love about Charmed when it first aired in 1998. It was a unique show, and not just because of its supernatural premise, but because it was one of the very few shows to feature not only one female lead — but three! Charmed took “female empowerment” to a whole other level with the Charmed Ones and fans couldn’t get enough for eight amazing seasons. When the magical sisters weren’t busy kicking demon butt, they were also balancing real-life jobs and trying to maintain at least semi-normal romantic relationships. Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige had quite a few dates over the years, but a few stood out more than others. Here are the 12 most popular couples on Charmed ranked from worst to best:

12. Phoebe and Leslie St. Claire

Nick Lachey never took acting too seriously, but one of his longest-running roles was on Charmed in season seven as a love interest for Phoebe. Lachey portrayed Leslie St. Claire, a ghostwriter who was brought in to write Phoebe’s column while she was on a sabbatical from work. It was obvious the two ridiculously attractive people were going to fall for each other, but unfortunately there was nothing else to their romance. They didn’t have a lot of chemistry like Phoebe and many of her other love interests had, and they certainly couldn’t make it work with Phoebe having to bail on so many dates and keep so much from him. He was a great guest character, but their romance just wasn’t spectacular.

Source: Charmed Wikia

11. Prue and T.J.

Poor Prue had some truly terrible romantic interests on the show, and one of the most bizarre was with T.J. Prue first met T.J. when she began astral projecting in her sleep to the same bar that T.J. was at. Their strange relationship was marred by the fact that Prue wasn’t actually awake during most of their encounters, but when he crashed Piper and Leo’s wedding in order to help Prue who was wanted for murder, things got even weirder when she astral projected to be with him! Just as they were starting to get to know each other, Phoebe cast a spell to bring Prue back and that was the last she and the fans ever saw of T.J. It was a quick and strange romance, but even for a brief time, it was nice to see Prue loosen up and flirt a little.

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