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Friends: 11 Times Rachel, Monica, And Phoebe Were The Ultimate BFFs

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 26 Aug 2017 17:59 PM / No Comments / 37 views

Each character on Friends brought their unique quirkiness and individual brand of humor to the group that fans still love to this day, but sometimes a gal just needs her ladies, and “Rach,” “Mon,” and “Pheebs” were no different. Check out these 11 times that Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe were the ultimate BFFs on Friends.

11. The One With Rachel’s Eyedrops − Season 5 | Episode 22

Some people have no problem at all using eyedrops and then there are those who fully realize that it’s not natural to drop a foreign substance onto your incredibly vulnerable eyeball. When Rachel requires a glaucoma test and ends up needing eyedrops, there’s one tiny problem — she is one of those people who hate putting things in their eye. In fact, she has a total phobia about it. So, it’s up to best friend Monica to save the day. Using trickery, brute force, and finally the entire gang to get the job done, Monica’s methods are as hilarious as they are effective and we’re sure Rachel was totally thankful that she has such a caring best friend on hand.

10. The One Where Rachel Thought She Was Losing Monica to Julie − Season 2 | Episode 2

Rachel and Ross may have endured a roller-coaster ride of romance on their way to happily-ever-after, but Rachel and Monica were true-blue besties from the start, and stayed that way right up until the end of the show’s 10 years on the air. Though that doesn’t mean even these two BFFs didn’t hit a snag every now and then. Specifically, when Julie stepped onto the scene. Not only hooking up with Ross just as Rachel realized she had feelings for him, Julie did her best to become friends with her boyfriend’s sister − which would be totally normal and a nice thing to do, frankly under normal circumstances, but since Monica also happened to be besties with the woman that secretly loved Ross, things were a little more complicated and it’s hard to blame Rachel for feeling like Julie has not only stolen Ross, but was trying to steal Monica too.

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