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General Hospital’s 7 Worst Love Triangles

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 10 Nov 2017 22:11 PM / No Comments / 38 views

General Hospital (GH) placed soap opera super couples on the map, but they are also well-known for their dramatic love triangle storylines. They get it right most of the time; however, there have been times where two people vying for the same love interest has been an epic fail. As such, below are seven of GH’s worst love triangles.

7. Valentin, Anna, and Nina

Was this even a love triangle? Somewhat. Valentin and Nina Cassadine were a happy couple until a past flame in the form of Anna Devane kept stealing him away. Turns out Anna was her evil twin sister Alex, and when this was all revealed, the love triangle fizzled and fast. The fact that Anna was not acting like herself was the real pull to this plot, not necessarily Valentin’s struggle to figure out if he wanted Anna or Nina more.

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6. Maxie, Levi, and Nathan

Maxie Jones always seems to fall for flakey men, but Levi Dunkleman took the cake. She met him while travelling around on a spiritual journey and fell for the con man’s fake accent and his insurmountable knowledge on yoga. While Maxie and Nathan West were just embarking on their romance, she struggled with the idea of whether she preferred Nathan or Levi. Thankfully Levi’s true colors eventually surfaced to prevent their wedding from happening. However, it did still seem crazy at the time that any woman would choose Dunkleman over Nathan.

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