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Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Minor Characters Who Stole The Show

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Through 13 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy fans have been through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to the main characters of the show. From shocking and tragic exits of main characters to trying to keep up with Meredith’s ever-dramatic life and the people in it, the revolving door of characters has never stopped, meaning the series has had quite a few minor characters slip through almost unnoticed. While many minor characters have been completely unmemorable, others have been completely unforgettable! Since there have been so many great characters who only appeared in one episode, this list only looks at characters who were around for multiple episodes and really made an impact on viewers, so here are 10 minor Grey’s Anatomy characters who stole the show:

10. Virginia Dixon

Way back in season five, Grey’s introduced Mary McDonnell as Dr. Virginia Dixon and she quickly made her impact on Seattle Grace as well as viewers. Although she was only in three episodes, Virginia Dixon’s powerhouse knowledge in cardiothoracics and being one of the most respected doctors in the specialty made her a formidable addition to the hospital, and the fact she also had Asperger’s made her even more admirable. Dixon brought a new dynamic to the group of doctors and by being a doctor with Asperger’s she added a whole new dimension to Grey’s, which many fans wish had lasted much longer than just her three episodes.

Craig Sjodin / © ABC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

9. Heather Brooks

A lot of interns have come and gone through the many seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, but only a few have become notable members of the show and were heavily focused on in storylines, including Heather Brooks. After appearing in the very first episode of season nine, Brooks featured heavily in the entire season as an energetic yet annoying intern dubbed “Mousey” by Cristina Yang. Despite being annoying she often found herself at the center of a lot of the hospital’s drama surrounding the core characters and Derek even ended up mentoring her after seeing a lot of natural skill in her. Between her constant talking and often unsettling jokes, Brooks often stole the show in every scene she was in and her death ended up being one of the most surprising of the series as she had become one of the most well known minor characters of the show.

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