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One Tree Hill: Lucas Scott’s 6 Love Interests Ranked

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 03 Jan 2018 14:39 PM / No Comments / 26 views

For nine seasons One Tree Hill endeared fans, but only six of those seasons were led by Chad Michael Murray in the main role of Lucas Scott. Six seasons, however, was enough for Lucas to have a lot of relationship drama and while some of his romances were epic, others were frustrating and angering. While it was clear that Lucas and Peyton were destined to be together, it took a lot of time and a few other relationships before they finally found their way to each other. Take a look back at all six of Lucas’s main love interests ranked from worst to best:

6. Nicki

Everything was wrong about Lucas and Nicki’s fleeting hookup from the very beginning, and fans wish Nicki had been left at just a hookup for Lucas. After the very complicated love-triangle between Peyton, Lucas, and Brooke came to a crashing end, Lucas used his fake ID to drown his sorrows at the bar, where of course he met Nicki. Fans already knew Lucas was making a bad decision when he and Nicki broke into the mall and hooked up on the carousel, but when she was discovered to be Jake’s ex and the woman who abandoned him and Jenny, she couldn’t get much worse. Lucas had already angered fans with the way he treated both Peyton and Brooke, but hooking up with Nicki of all people was the most frustrating of all and should have never happened.

Source: One Tree Hill Wiki

5. Rachel Gatina

Technically Lucas and Rachel never dated, but there was definitely hints of the attraction between them although it was clear it would never work. Unfortunately, both used their flirtations with one another as a way to make Brooke angry, and if Rachel was against Brooke than fans were against Rachel. It can’t be denied that Rachel and Lucas looked good together, but their lack of any real interest made this “relationship” a complete dud.

Source: OneTreeHillWikia

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