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Sandra Bullock’s 12 Most Popular Movie Roles Ranked From Worst To Best

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Over the course of her career so far Sandra Bullock has amassed almost 60 acting credits to her name, and in most, she is the leading lady. Out of all of her success and accomplishments in Hollywood, she is widely unique in the fact that she has escaped being typecast. Bullock has proved she can star in thrillers, dramas, romantic comedies and everything in between and have fans hooked for every step of the way. Whether she is being uptight, hilarious, tough or sweet, the actress is always likable and it seems everyone has a different favorite Sandra Bullock film because of her wide array of roles in different genres. While all of these roles and films are all fantastic, here is our ranking of Bullock’s top 12 roles:

12. Diane Farrow – Love Potion No. 9

Love Potion No. 9 is one of Sandra Bullock’s least known films and for good reason. The 1992 romantic-comedy had Bullock undergoing the “not-to-hot” transformation well before Miss Congeniality when she starred as Diane Farrow opposite Tate Donovan in the film that brought in less than $1 million at the box office. As Farrow, Bullock was a bushy-eyebrowed, buck-toothed and frazzled scientist who, along with Donovan’s character, creates a potion that makes her irresistible (and stunning) to anyone that hears her speak. The quirky comedy left a lot to be desired, and Bullock was really the only bright spot, but the script and plot didn’t give her a lot to work with, making the role number 12 on this list.

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11. Jean – Crash

Back in 2004 the most buzzed about film of the year was Crash which ended up taking home the Oscar for Best Picture. While critics adored Crash, others disliked it, but for many, it helped prove that Bullock really did have the acting skills to match her commercial success. Although fans would come to know Bullock has no issue taking on challenging roles, Crash was one of her first and she certainly delivered, but unfortunately, her role in the film was overshadowed by the endless other stars that made up the cast and brought the film together. So while her role as Jean was done extremely well, it didn’t let Bullock shine in the way that audiences were used to.

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