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This Is Us: 8 Questions We Need Answered During The Second Half Of Season 2

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 04 Jan 2018 02:41 AM / No Comments / 33 views

This Is Us has been breaking fans’ hearts since it began yet they still can’t get enough of the incredible NBC drama. Although This Is Us has only been airing for a season and a half, it has often left us with more questions than answers and after three incredible “Big Three” episodes which culminated in one major bombshell moment, there are a lot of things fans need answered heading into the second half of season two. Here are 8 lingering questions that hopefully get answered when season two of This Is Us returns:

8. Will We See Another Kate Pregnancy?

Although fans have been accustomed to heartbreaking moments in the show, no one was prepared for Kate’s tragic miscarriage. While the Kate-centric episode “Number Two” promised that Kate and Toby would try again to have a baby when they were ready, it will be interesting to see if that happens in this season. The few sneak peeks that have been offered seemingly show the season picking up at least a few months after the big mid-season finale and fans want to know if Kate and Toby are still in a good place after their tragedy or once again facing struggles in their relationship.


7. Do Randall and Beth Foster That Young Boy?

While taking on a foster child was clearly challenging for both Randall and Beth, in the end, it turned out to be the rewarding experience they were searching for in hopes of helping a young person in need. Of course, fans saw at the end of Randall’s episode that he wanted to try fostering again in the future and hoped for a “little boy.” At the same time that Randall was saying this, a young black boy was seen talking to a social worker who was assuring him they were searching for the right family to take him in. Like Kevin’s problem with drinking mimicking Jack’s issues, fans want to know if history is going to repeat itself with Randall taking in a young boy with no family like he was when he was left at the firehouse. If the second half of the season does pick up a few months after where the first half ended, it would make sense that Randall and Beth’s storyline jumps right into fostering or perhaps adopting the little boy.


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